Vertigo by Joanna Walsh


As the title implies, this latest collection from Joanna Walsh may leave the reader dizzy & untethered from the quality of the prose herein. At the heart of Vertigo are women, pitched in many differing stories all told with the sensitivity of a master storyteller. Walsh writes with incredible technical ability without ever showing off for the sake of it. Her topics are familiar, raw experiences described without filigree, always hitting the target with as few arrows as necessary.

A slim volume, Vertigo will be devoured hungrily, however you will want to return to savour the real flaour of each story and marvel at construction of each sentence. This has so far been the best book I have read this year and I have no doubt that come December 31st this view will not have changed. My review is mercifully short as my wordsmithery is in kindergarten whereas Joanna Walsh is a short story professor.

Five stars. Buy, read, gift.



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